Beauty Review - Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Beauty Review - Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Searching for the perfect foundation is like searching for hens teeth. But sometimes, with a bit of research and a good number of visits to the makeup counter for samples and then more research and more samples, it helps to narrow done which foundations you should be investing your money on.

And that is how I came about the Clarins Everlasting Foundation. And all the joy it brings to my life.

A few quick facts I love about this product:
Medium coverage that can absolutely be built up to full or worked down to light coverage with the use of a damp beauty sponge - so it's pretty much a foundation for all.
It's a pump bottle
The packaging is sleek and classy
I managed to find the EXACT shade of foundation I require for my not fair / not medium skin with pink undertones - however, I do feel that the entire shade range as a whole, is a little lacking.

Now for the main rundown: This product is easy to apply. I don't find that it drys out to quick, it's not sticky once applied - and it tends to stay put for most of the day or at least for the amount of hours I tend to wear foundation which is around 6-8 hours a day - however, Clarins claim that their Everlasting foundation has a wear time of up to 18 hours. This foundation contains an SPF 15 so although I've worn it in the evenings and I love the matte look it gives - it must be said that if you are a selfie-queen - you shouldn't wear this at night. As you may know, SPF creates flashback when you use flash photography, so to avoid looking like your head was photoshopped on to another body, I would simply avoid any foundation with SPF in it for evening wear.

The Clarins Everlasting Foundation is a creamy liquid foundation containing Bamboo (to mattify) and Quinoa (to nourish and hydrate) - providing a flawless complexion from morning till night.
Once applied this foundation does appear matte. Not dry Matte. Just a smooth matte finish. It can go a little more dewy though depending on the weather and wear time, but by no means slick. I've found that the longer I wear it, the more it settles into the skin and the more natural the application appears. It is a great product for someone who buys one foundation to wear year-round or if you are someone who wants one product that can go from from medium to full coverage as you need and if you want to have to option to go for light / subtle coverage by applying it with a damp beauty sponge on staying in or beach days.

If you are someone like me, who buys individual foundation more suited to each seasons, then it's important to mention that I tend to start using my Clarins in Autumn and definately when winter strikes. Since my skins tends to lean more towards the dry side during those months, its the perfect foundation to avoid drying out my skin even more.

As a whole, Clarins is a great brand and besides their lipgloss product (a story for another day), I've always been very happy with every product I've ever purchased from them. I'll admit, I now only purchase online because the counter girls are just so sweet and I'm just to weak, so I end up going home with products I didn't really need to buy. :)

The Clarins Everlasting Foundation has universally been compared to the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation with regards to coverage, quality and wear comfortability. In my opinion (I own both) they are both equally as great in the way in which each are meant to perform. I use my Clarins for the colder months and my Estée for the warmer months and I've been loving that back and fourth switch for a few years now. Even cocktailing a bit of each together results in a great full coverage look but with a softer appearance.

Retailing for around R515 and available online from Woolworths or Clarins (or at the Clarins counters in most Edgars and Woolworths stores), if you are in the market for a great looking, comfortable wearing foundation that offers you more benefits than simply coverage, this is a good place and great brand to start.

Beauty Review - Clarins Everlasting Foundation