Book Review - This Man (This Man #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Book Review - This Man (This Man #1) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

“No, it's the way he looks at you, like you're the centre of his universe.”

I've been searching far and wide for a series that could rival Fifty Shades and… I believe I've finally found THE ONE!

I started reading This Man on Sunday evening and there are only two things that made me stop reading. Sleep would be one, because honestly, the words started blurring like crazy at 5am on Monday morning so I thought it was wise to give up at that moment and get some rest. The other reason would be the 10 minutes I spent making myself coffee on Monday morning at 10am after I peeled open my eyes from not nearly enough rest… but I just had to resume reading.

Now… there are three reason's I want to point out to you that made this book amazing to me:

1. It's longer than the usual book -> Brilliant Play by author Jodi Ellen Malpas, because honestly I needed it to be long. I actually needed it to be longer. I would have died if it was the usual novel length. I kept watching the percentages at the bottom of my screen, praying it wouldn't get anywhere near 98%… I really didn't want to book to end at ALL. Where a book usually takes me 4 - 6 hours to read, This Man took almost 12 if not more. So it's long, but delightfully so.

2. Just because it's longer than average doesn't mean that this book contains a load of rubbish pages just to make it so. Nope. It's amazing and I don't know how she did it, but Jodi Ellen Malpas was able to fill every single page with an equal perfect balance of sexy and relevant story. I didn't find myself… not for one moment thinking, "just get over this already". There were no deviations from the tale. Not a moment was wasted. It was simply stunning!

3. Lastly, because of the length and the quality pages within This Man… it shows that this book wasn't just pumped out as fast as it can be done. This Man is not just another Fifty Shades type wannabe. It's well thought-out, brilliantly planned to perfection, everything falls into place, everything makes sense and everything just works!

Now… you might be saying that every book suggested to you this far as a What To Read after Fifty Shades have all either failed miserably because it either end up being a complete knock-off or turned out to be so similar it almost made you gag at the clear cheek the author actually had, by trying to play another version of Fifty off on you… and doing it it with a straight face thinking you wouldn't notice! I've certainly found this to be case in the past… But now… the next question I'll be asking is… What to Read after This Man?

There is nothing relating to Fifty Shades in this book. Not a single thing that made me think of Christian Grey and all things Fifty. The only reason I do think of Fifty is because of how I felt while and after I read This Man. That is the only connection This Man has to Fifty in my mind.

So what's it about? Well… it's about a rich, controlling alpha with a troubled past, who meets a stunning lady and fall's crazy mad in love with her. Ladies… Of course it is… why wouldn't it be? Think that's a little bit Fifty? I know you do. But think about this…. When last have you read and loved a book that consisted of a mildly, only OK looking, skeleton man… who's as poor as dirt… an absolute wimp, who then turns out to be as boring as a piece of white paper… who then falls only slightly in love with a average looking girl? Please! Never happened and Never gonna happen! We all want Rich, Hot as all F*&K Alpha's who see's and wants nothing else but you… oops I mean… the girl in the book lol…

So yes, Jesse is everything you want in a man (much like Christian) and you won't see me complaining about that! I want everything Jesse so therefore… He's the perfect blend of fictional boyfriend!

Anyway, So Jesse and Ava meet. He's obsessed… a little bit nuts when it comes to the way in which he pursues her… actually crazy nuts… But I love him all the more for that. He never gives up and he never backs down with the hot and heavy. Ava… isn't some sad, clumsy girl like Anastasia (or Belle, since FSOG is based on Twilight Fan-Fic). Ava is divine! I loved her. She's strong (in her own way), she's smart, she's successful in her own right and she's actually just the perfect blend of fictional woman. She didn't irritate me. She didn't bore me. She was really spectacularly created and the character connection between Ava and Jesse was out of this world electric!

At first the writing was strange for me. But only because it's British grammar and slang. Yes, I know I'm South African and we tend lean more towards British english rather than American, but I've read very few British romance books so I had become used to the whole American way… So that took me a moment to get used to. But once I had, it was great

The moment I finished This Man, I immediately moved onto Beneath This Man (Book #2 in the This Man series). It was equally as Fantastic and equally as gripping. I've been MIA since Sunday and you can blame it all on Jodi Ellen Malpas.

Again, Beneath This Man carries every single trait that I loved about This Man. The length… the passion, the steam, the plot, the pain, tears, sweat, the lust and just… WOW… everything! I'm so upset that I have to wait until July 2nd for the third book in this series, This Man Confused. It's going to be a hell of a wait for me. But don't let this discourage you from starting this series immediately. There's a cliffier after the first book ends, so you are going to want to read the second immediately. But luckily the Second book ends pretty nicely and I won't be pulling my hair out in frustration until the third book arrives… So that's good news for you and… my hair. But make no mistake… I've not yet had my fill of Ava and Jesse. I might actually just start reading from the beginning again…You know what… I'm going to…. haha… see you again in two days :D

This Man - Rivals Fifty Shades! In fact… Fifty Who? Shades of What? Oh Please… I can only think of one… and that's This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas!