Book Review: The Pact (The McGregor Brothers #1) by Karina Halle

Book Review: The Pact (The McGregor Brothers #1) by Karina Halle

“Life leaves scars. Sometimes you don’t see them until later. Sometimes you don’t know where they’ve come from. Sometimes they fade before your eyes. But the world leaves its mark on us.”

One of the major reasons I picked up this book was because there are so many mixed feelings regarding it. Some huge Karina Halle fans are freaking out because they adore it so much... others just as big KH fans are silently dying on the inside because they feel as if Karina Halle ripped their sole reason for living right from the depths of their hearts when she published this read. Some non-regular Karina Halle readers are flipping out and rushing to gather more of her books... others again, have been left with a sour taste in their mouths, vowing never to pick up another KH book ever again in their lives.

So other than the fact that the cover is amazingly gorgeous and would make anyone who gets a glimpse of it do a double-take... (and I secretly want this cover on my bookshelf regardless of it being good or bad) - the blurb isn't really anything new, unique or notable... and considering I can't say I have any experience in a Karina Halle books or her writing ability, I've decided I may just be that someone who could shed more light onto the matter and provide readers with a point of view that can not be biased in any way since I've never read a single KH book in my life - but I adore the cover and it definitely caught my eye :)

So here is goes...

The Pact, as you may have read in the blurb, is about two best friends who make a pact. Although one thinks it's just a 'joke', the other is a little more serious about it. They pinky swear that if they are both single when they reach the age of 30, that they'll marry each other.

There are a few complications... one, Steph's ex-boyfriend is one of the 3 that make up the best friend trio. Two, there always seems to be something in the way of moving towards the pact (like boyfriends, girlfriends... life)... and three, neither Linden nor Steph are aware of how much they feel for one another (and not in the just good friends kind of way. In fact throughout at least half of the book they reckon that whatever it is they are feeling towards each other is simply a combination of loving their best friend, because they've been friends forever and of course there's that little thing called sexual attraction - so they believe that what they feel is just because that even though they know each other pretty well, better than anyone else knows either of the two... they figure it's their friendship connection and maybe the mystery surrounding their connection that makes them feel drawn to one another.

I like to think that there are two parts to this book. One is the first 50% - which really is just details of their lives from the moment the book starts off. When we get going they are 22 or so (I could be mistaken but it's around that age)... and until about just after 50%, it's basically a year by two year tale of one birthday to the next. From about 50% onwards (which I like to consider the second part of the book) is where the real development of the plot starts to take off. The real reason we are in fact reading this book - this is where the progression of the actual plot takes place - The Pact itself.

Don't get me wrong, the first half is a great read. Fun. Funny. Sometimes frustrating, but still great. The second part is where I fell in love with this book. This is where I realized that this is not just a pretty cover but in fact a really awesome book. Karina Halle was able to take a basic, often repetitive storyline and create something of her own with it, adding her own twists and flavor. I found myself totally enjoying this read. Enough to read and read and continue reading right until the end. The fact that this book is longish and the first half doesn't really contribute that much towards the actual progression of the plot - can get a bit bleak. But honestly I only found myself getting angsty during their 29th birthdays. I knew I was close to getting to the good parts and I was eager. The timeframe it took for me to get to 30 years (for the characters) felt endless... but really only because I was craving for Linden and Steph to take the next step. For the heat to move up a notch. To see sparks fly... you get where I'm going with that :)

There's a mild play on a love triangle. Nothing overly serious, nor does it make a huge appearance. It is however the reason everything goes haywire towards the end.

I really, really loved both Steph and Linden. I felt as if I knew them. Maybe is was because I felt as if I watched them grow up or maybe it's really just the way in which Author Karina Halle presented them to us... it could even be both... Either way, I loved them both so much. I was kind of sad to see the book end.

There are so many witty and funny moments in this book that I often laughed, smiled or giggled. I absolutely consider this a fun read but with hoards of emotions swirling around.

The bottom line is that I am as crazy about this book as I am about the cover! If this is a book the huge Karina Halle fans are slitting their wrists about... then I can only say that I'm super excited to get reading on her other books. I didn't find this book below par, but I'm not an avid Karina Halle reader (not yet anyway, I may just be tomorrow). I found this book exciting, addicting and the characters lush!

If you are looking for a standalone book that wraps it all up nice and tightly... and let me not forget a really hawt read (so hot it must be spelt differently lol)... then this is THE book to give a try.