Book Review - The Professional by Kresley Cole

Book Review - The Professional by Kresley Cole

“I’ll consider myself lucky, my elusive girl, once you consider yourself taken. Every man has a weakness; you are mine. I’ve accepted that. Now you must accept me.”

Strangely enough, if you asked me if I was a Kresley Cole fan, I'd adamantly tell you that I worship her. But if you'd asked me which of her books were my favorite, I'd probably blush and tell you that I've only ever read one of her book series and that would be my favorite... Even though it's Young Adult - and I'm so embarrassed to say that - because heaven knows I love dirty and flirty books... So why I've never read any of KC's more adult books - I really and truly just don't know the answer to that.

There's a redeeming point though... I do have a whole lot of her books on my Kindle (and The Professional is the first I've read other than The Arcana Chronicles) so I'm not entirely blonde - just blind and naive. Since moving along onto other books / genre's by Kresley Cole - I'm determined to work my way through every book she's ever released! Starting with The Professional (The Game Makers #1).

I had no idea what to expect going into this book. My only experience with Kresley Cole is YA and dystopian. What I have figured out about KC's writing ability is that she's can comfortably and effortlessly create characters and scenario's that are no at all every day types.

In The Professional - for instance - she's transported us to Russia. Building a world around the Russian mafia with characters that should scare you but are so well developed that you can't help but love them dearly. This book is full of romance, sexy moments, sorrow, action and mystery. I found myself enjoying situations I'd not normally be keen to read about.

The Professional hooked me in deep. For hours I was engrossed in the life and loss of Natalie. I'm even sad that it ended. Not because it didn't end well or the book felt incomplete... but only because I was really, really into this book. I do wish that I had a few more moments between Natalie and Sevastyan that are more tender rather than angsty or erotic... but I'm not really going to lay down a complaint. I'm entirely happy with the experience, the outcome and the sexiness of this book.

I've seen a few readers make an association between this book and Fifty Shades... but I'm going to have to disagree to that. Although Fifty Shades and this book, The Professional, are both erotic romances, the female characters are both virgins, both alpha male's have a dark past - The Professional is a whole lot deeper and far more 3 dimensional than I found Fifty Shades to be. I'm a huge Fifty fan - one of the biggest out there... but now, years later and many, many more erotic reads under my belt... I can honestly say that the difference between this book and Fifty is maturity. This book carries a level of maturity between the characters that I didn't find in Fifty. This book ventures into the world of BDSM that is far, far darker and more daring than anything I read about in Fifty.

Natalie is easily one of the best female erotic fictional characters I've ever gotten to know. She's funny and open-minded. She's not so much of a submissive as we've come to expect in others and she's not afraid to ask for what she wants from Sevastyan. In fact, I loved that she tested him often, almost daily - but also submitted effortlessly when the moment called for it.

Sevastyan is not the usual alpha male we normally get in erotic romances. Yes he's good looking, but what I particularly loved about this read was that it wasn't repeated over and over again. He's strong, calm and mysterious. He's need for Natalie is beautifully played out. I'm such a huge fan over this book that I'm completely drifting off thinking about it while I try and put together this review.

As a whole, I found this book engrossing. I found the plot - easy to follow, angsty and possessively sexy. I found the secondary plots made this book more 'human' and believable. I found myself inquisitive about learning more regarding the secrets surrounding Sevastyan. I loved that we know he has a past that he doesn't want to delve into, but there isn't this huge focus on it. The book moves along freely without going back and forth reminding us that Sevastyan has secrets. So when they did come out I felt relief rather than agitated with having to wait so long to find out what it was. There are a few moments where I didn't know what to expect. Even the sensuality between Sevastyan and Natalie developed as the book progressed. Never did I feel as if they were stagnant in their romance. I simply just adored everything about this book!

So if you've read Fifty, loved the concept and theme - then give The Professional a go. It's not exactly the same, but it's along the lines when it comes to Alpha leads & BDSM. However, like I said, this book is far darker, more grown-up that Fifty - so expect to blush a whole, whole lot more :)

Book Review - The Professional by Kresley Cole