Book Review - Hero by Samantha Young

 Book Review - Hero by Samantha Young

“As I said, it comes with a price.” His grin was wicked and I suddenly felt a little breathless. “I’m a hard man to please. And I’m also a very busy man. You’ll do what I want when I want and I won’t always be nice about it. In fact, considering what your surname is, you can pretty much guarantee I won’t be nice about it.”

There is so much to say about Hero. This isn’t just a romance novel. It’s suspenseful, mysterious, here and there it’s kind of cheeky - Alexa says the funniest things when the mood strikes… Caine is totally sexy and to die for. It’s dark and deep with a touch of warmth and butterflies. I absolutely freaking adored this book. The best part - it’s a standalone. Now normally I’d probably complain and say I wanted more… but in this case it isn’t so. I am entirely content with the way in which everything turned out. There is not a single word I would have liked to see added.

While reading this book I was reminded of the awesome time I had experiencing On Dublin Street. Since the release of that book, Samantha Young has released equally great reads… but there was something about On Dublin Street at the time when I was reading it and the moments thereafter, where I was giddy. It was new, it was intense and it was one of the sexiest books I’ve ever read. My experience with Hero was exactly the same. It was new, a different take on the normal writing we expect from Samantha Young. It was energetic, broody and… perfection.

Alexa, as I mentioned earlier is very sassy. She’s smart, independent and I fell in love with her right from the start. Caine is angsty, very mysterious - the perfect combination of all we love in male characters.

Their relationship - or at least the way it was pulled together - is brilliantly plotted. There is not a moment during this book that you even think of getting bored. Their romance isn’t ‘in your face’… there’s nothing solid about their relationship at all. The fact that you can’t help but love each one of the two, even with all their flaws… tells you that so much time and energy was put into creating them. I think that the best way to put it is to say that this book kept me on my toes. I didn’t dare get to comfortable with anything as it played out. I realized soon enough that nothing within those pages were a sure thing. You have no idea of what to expect next. Perfectly balanced.

“No one will ever understand like I do. You’re so different with me, baby. You take care of me. You make me feel safe. You’re not who you think you are. Didn’t you once tell me that people aren’t just one thing? You’re so much more to me than anything you might have done in the past.”

I was sorry to see them go. I really felt their connection, their personalities jumped at me right from the start. They actually started to fell like real people. Their presence is missing from my life at the moment and I’m well aware of that. It’s kind of like I’m missing a limb.

This is not the usual billionaire-meets-girl scenario. It’s entirely different to the norm. Again, a perfect balance of love, lust, romance, angst, mystery, suspense, drama and intrigue. You can ask for nothing more from this novel. Brilliant!

Book Review - Hero by Samantha Young